Check out those stormtroopery outfits in 5 Total Recall set pics

Filming of the Total Recall remake is underway, and although it won't hit the screens until Aug. 3, 2012, you don't have to wait for some behind-the-scenes action. These photos will give you a taste of what's to come.

This version of Total Recall stars Colin Farrell as Doug Quaid, the man who gets more than he paid for when a virtual vacation goes awry, and Kate Beckinsale, his not-so-loving wife, Lori. Sadly, you won't see them in these set photos, found at Ain't It Cool News. You will, however, see something interesting.

If you're a discerning fan (and of course you are), you might notice that these uniforms resemble the outfit of an imperial scout trooper. That's okay. Really. As long as we don't see Farrell's eyeballs bulging out of his skull at the end of the movie, we're golden.

For more photos, as well as the story of how the photographers managed to snag them, check out Ain't It Cool News.

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