1st frightening teaser for Bryan Singer's new digital series H+

Looks like Bryan Singer's come up with a way to save us from having to update Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and all our other social media accounts every 30 seconds—why not just stay wired in to each other all the time? Which sounds like it could be a good idea ... until the teaser for H+ shows it might be a nightmare instead.

Singer's web series from Warner Bros. will be broken into four dozen chunks 3-7 minutes in length, telling the story of a future in which a third of the world has implanted a chip that allows for direct communication with the Internet. But, of course, something goes wrong. (Something always goes wrong.)

Check out the first trailer below, which debuted at San Diego Comic-Con—and which'll make you think twice about how wired in you might want to be.

We'll supposedly get to see the first installments of H+ sometimes late in 2011. Will you be watching?

(via Chud)

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