1976 pic of Comic-Con fans watching Star Wars for the 1st time

These days, Comic-Con draws more than 125,000 fans to San Diego, and Hall H, where the blockbusters are born, is always packed. But back in 1976, only a couple of hundred fans turned out to watch the first public showing of Star Wars footage.

According to Craig Miller, former head of fan relations at Lucasfilm, there were many empty seats.

"There weren't a lot of people there," he said. "A few hundred, maybe? The reaction was mixed. At first, skepticism. When you have a group of fans devoted to any one genre, like science fiction, you tend to think Hollywood is going to do a junky job and screw it up. But you started to see a change in the audience over the course of the presentation.''

So take a good look at the pic above, because from the perspective of 2011, it's about as alien as Aldebaran.

(via EW)

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