Why you won't be seeing a Stan Lee cameo in X-Men: First Class

Is a Marvel Comics movie without a Stan Lee cameo still a Marvel Comics movie? He's been a hot dog vendor in X-Men, WIllie Lumpkin in Fantastic Four and (most recently) a guy who rips up his truck trying to move Thor's hammer. If you're hoping to spot him in X-Men: First Class, though, you're going to be disappointed.

Lee revealed the bad news the other day in a saddening series of tweets:





Hulk just wouldn't have been the same without his performance as a security guard, and his role as a guy with a water hose is what made X-Men: The Last Stand a classic. So why won't The Man be making an appearance in X-Men: First Class?

As Lee explained:


Unfortunately, there was no real-life X-Men Blackbird to shuttle him to the set.

But don't worry that this means an end to Lee's cameos, because, as he most recently revealed, his next two appearances are already in the can.


(via The Daily What Geeks)

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