Teens banned from graduation due to lunchroom lightsaber battle

File this one under "you just can't make this stuff up." Apparently, as a senior prank, two high school students got into a staged lightsaber duel during their lunch period at Westfield High School.

If you were wondering what the consequences of that was, question no more—they were both suspended and, as of now, will not be walking at their graduation.

Seriously? Were these actual lightsabers? Are lightsabers real now and nobody let us know? We have to assume that must be the case, since Principal Raymond Broderick's reasoning for the punishment was:

"They very easily could have hit another student they could have started something different, someone could have gotten hurt and it was just a disruptive situation and they understand it's not acceptable."

Look, nobody is saying that this sort of thing should happen daily, but as pranks go, it's pretty light side of the Force, if you catch our drift. Principal Broderick, on the other hand—let's just say we're assuming the Imperial March will probably be played by the marching band when he takes the stage on graduation day.

(WWLP via reddit)

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