Christopher Eccleston refuses to return for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary

When Doctor Who series six premiered in New York a few weeks ago, one of the biggest questions asked was "Are there any plans for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary?" All it took was one rueful smile from Moffat to know he's got something big in mind.

Let's just hope his plan didn't involve ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston.

It seems the same question was on Graham Norton's mind when he asked Eccleston on his Radio 2 show whether the well-known British actor might consider returning to the iconic role he took up in 2005. His response?

"No. Never bathe in the same river twice."

As words go, those feel pretty final.

That's a shame, because many fans were hoping to get one last performance from Eccleston's moody and mysterious incarnation of the Time Lord. Then again, Michael Rosenbaum insisted for years that he'd never return to Lex Luthor—and he'll be in the Smallville series finale this month.

What do you think? Would a fan campaign to bring Eccleston back for the 50th anniversary have any chance of success? Would it be worth it? And if he did come back, what would you like to see from the ninth Doctor?

(via Doctor Who TV)

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