Those Petrelli brothers from Heroes star as Iron Man AND Wolverine

While we're all worrying about whether Hugh Jackman might abandon the Wolverine project to instead star in Snow White, it looks like there's another Wolverine in town—Milo Ventimiglia, who already has plenty of superpowered experience as Heroes' Peter Petrelli.

But Ventimiglia won't be the only Petrelli brother portraying a Marvel hero. Adrian Pasdar, who had his own extraordinary abilities as Nathan Petrelli on the same series, will be flying high as Iron Man.

According to g4tv, the two are giving voice to those heroes in Marvel's upcoming anime series, Iron Man and Wolverine, which will air on G4 later this year.

For a sneak peek of Ventimiglia as Wolverine, check out the clip below, which ran on Attack of the Show.

And for more info on the two anime series, visit g4tv.

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