Rumor of the Day: Supernatural to Return WITHOUT Castiel

Is this adios, mishamigos? We reported yesterday that Supernatural got the early nod for its seventh season, but it looks as though maybe not everyone will return. Castiel (as played by the much-beloved Misha Collins) has been rumored to be departing.

Take this with a grain of demon-repelling salt, but here's the word according to SuperntrlFreak (whose tweets are now curiously private):

"IMPORTANT NEWS!!! Misha Collins has been written off the show! I'm friends with his manager and he told me just now!"

Early fan speculation seems to be that Misha will merely be changing from a series regular back to a guest star. The only response Cas fans have to mull over are these curious tweets from Misha himself:

"I have good news & bad news. The good news is the reality show I like about the two brothers who take acid & hunt ghosts gets a 7th season."

"the bad news is... brace yourselves... they were out of my fleur de sel carmel ice cream at the grocery store just now. I am beside myself."

Is this Collins's sneaky way of hinting he's off the show or is he just genuinely down about the lack of frozen treats at the local bodega? It's too early to make the call, but the real question is—

Would you watch a Castiel-less Supernatural?

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