New Deathly Hallows 2 trailer looks like Saving Private Potter!

Wait a minute! Is that Hogwarts, or Omaha Beach on freakin' D-Day? Yeah, we've been expecting this movie since the late 1990s, but the new trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 still manages to surprise with heaping piles of awesome ... like PO'ed dragons, invading armies of Death Eaters, hundreds of wands shooting what looks like tracer fire, and a hard-hitting tone that kind of has a Saving Private Ryan vibe.

Among all the awesome is what looks like a kick-out-your-heart high casualty rate among some beloved principals from the Harry Potter series (no spoilers, for those who haven't read the book). And dig that Hans Zimmer-like droning on the soundtrack!

On the downside? These action shots look like they might be too flashy in the 3-D format in which the movie's going to be released. So flashy they might distract from the emotional impact audiences have a right to expect after investing years in a series of eight films. There's a carriage-type thing on rails that looks like it was designed not so much as a plot point but as a potential ride at the Harry Potter Experience or some other theme park.

What do you think? Does this movie look like it'll be worth the wait?

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