China bans time-travel movies and TV as 'disrespectful'

If Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown ever get the urge for another round of time traveling, we know one direction they'd better not aim that DeLorean of theirs—China! Because the country's General Bureau of Radio, Film and Television has decided all that wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff "should by no means be encouraged anymore."

Time-travel movies and TV have become quite popular in China, with much of the homegrown variety dealing with contemporary Chinese going back thousands of years to interact with real historical figures. But it looks like there won't be much more of that in the ... well ... future.

Word out of the Television Director Committee is that:

"The time-travel drama is becoming a hot theme for TV and films. But its content and the exaggerated performance style are questionable. Many stories are totally made-up and are made to strain for an effect of novelty. The producers and writers are treating the serious history in a frivolous way, which should by no means be encouraged anymore."

And as you know, if there's anything we hate, it's those "made-up" time-travel stories, as opposed to the completely factual ones.

We're unable to tell whether this will prevent movies and TV shows that have already been made from appearing in theaters or on television, or whether it only affects the production of new Chinese product. But whichever the case, we certainly hope that Schwarzenegger will set aside that Governator project of his for a while and head back in time to straighten things out.

(chinahush via techdirt)

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