Watch 80 characters say the name of their movie in 2 minutes

You know that moment in a movie when one of the characters says the name of whatever it is we're watching—like when Tom Cruise in Minority Report SAYS "Minority Report"—and we're all supposed to go ooooooh? Well, that happens a lot.

Check out Robert Downey Jr. saying "Iron Man," Christopher Lloyd saying "Back to the Future," Ken Watanabe saying "Inception," and a whole bunch more examples of actors putting the cherry on top of the sundae of what got us to the theater in the first place.

Oh, sure, there are some non-sci-fi flicks, too, mixed in with Blade Runner, The Dark Knight, Beetlejuice and so on, but on the whole the compilation cut together by honsco is too good to pass up.

(via The Daily What)

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