Tron: Legacy DVD extras may expose the villain of Tron 3

In prepping for the DVD and Blu-ray release of last winter's sci-fi-gamespace hit, Disney has been dropping little film-clip nuggets, suggesting a life for the characters after Tron: Legacy. And the latest reaches way back for an antagonist with real bite.

If you look at the clip below, which is quite a bit shorter than the 10-minute Tron: The Next Day bit (and which Disney has already yanked from the Internet), you'll see a chat between two folks—one of which seems to be Dillinger the Younger and the other ... well, the other is just kind of rad.

Let's just hope that for Tron: Eternity (or whatever they'll call it), they give the ol' Master Control Program a bit of a facelift—and get David Warner back for the voice. After all, it can't be seen running around looking like this:


People might expect a delivery of fruit punch.

(via Topless Robot)

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