Watch a new Doctor Who minisode special right NOW

Can't wait until April 23 for some fresh Doctor Who? Well, you can get your fix right now in this brand-new Doctor Who minisode, which features not one but TWO Amy Ponds. And it's a timey wimey, wibbly wobbly thing.

Entitled "Space" (part 1) and "Time" (part 2), the special mini-episode is written by none other than Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat himself for a charity event called Red Nose Day (also known as Comic Relief) in the U.K.

If you've ever wanted to see how two Amy Ponds would act when pitched together in the same space-time continuum and how two TARDISes inside one another would work, this is your chance! Plus you also get to see two Rorys and two Doctors as well.


Part 1: Space

Part 2: Time

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