Former Fox president explains why Firefly had to be canceled

Firefly fans (aka "Browncoats") have had it better than most fans of a brilliant-yet-canceled series: We got something like closure, thanks to the feature film Serenity (2005). The show is also rerunning on the Science Channel, with all-new commentary from scientist Michio Kaku.

But we Browncoats also have it tougher than most. With multiple references to our favorite spacefaring cowboys in star Nathan Fillion's current show, Castle, we're constantly reminded of what we've lost.

To that end, Gail Berman, the former president of entertainment at Fox Broadcasting Company, spoke about why she had to pull the plug. She said in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that:

"Canceling 'Firefly' was as difficult as anything I'd ever been involved in because Joss and I had been creative partners at one time ... I worked with him very closely on this particular show and when it didn't perform [in the ratings], having to cancel it was very difficult.

"If I had to do it over again, I might have reconsidered it but I'm not sure it would have changed anything," she said. "It was a numbers things. It was a wonderful show and I loved it and I loved working with him on it but that was a big show, a very expensive show and it wasn't delivering the numbers."

The fact that Berman's quotes are still news is a sign that Firefly fandom hasn't lost steam since the show was canceled in December 2002 ... more than eight years ago.

So although it's tough to be a Firefly fan, with the re-airing of our show, as well as the Help Nathan Fillion Buy Firefly campaign that started three weeks ago, at least our lives are never boring.

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