Zombie short might become feature film thanks to Natalie Portman

In 2008, writer/director Spencer Susser made I Love Sarah Jane, a short movie about teens trying to get by during a zombie apocalypse. Now that Susser's first feature film, the upcoming Hesher, is getting some good notice thanks to stars Natalie Portman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, it looks like he may finally have the buzz he needs to make I Love Sarah Jane a full-length feature.

IndieWire writes:

The short film was released back in 2007 starring a pre-fame Mia Wasikowska along with Brad Ashby, Vladmimir Matovic, Beau South and Peter Yacoub. It's a simple story of young love in a zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic world. Despite the low budget and already dated SFX, the mood and tone created by Susser and the performances by leads Ashby and Wasikowska result in a cute, compelling piece of work. ...

According to IndieWire, Susser is expanding his screenplay, but it's unknown whether this will become his next film. "[W]ith zombies all the rage at the moment, there's probably never been a better time for him to tackle it."

So what does Natalie Portman have to do with zombies ravaging the Australian Outback? Her presence in this indie movie—which was made for a mere $7 million—may give Susser the buzz and pull he needs to re-create it for the big screen. Think of it as ... the Portman halo effect.

Take a look at the NSFW short film, below, to see why I Love Sarah Jane would make a great feature film ... with or without the influence of Natalie Portman.

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