Maori tribesmen refuse to let Peter Jackson shoot on Mount Doom

One more kick in the Rings for Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson: His decision to use New Zealand's Mount Ngauruhoe, his go-to peak for massive imposingness, has been rock-blocked by local tribesmen.

It's unclear if Jackson was intended to use Mount Ngauruhoe as Mount Doom—where, of course, Sauron forged the One Ring that plays large in The Hobbit—for a framing sequence or if he was going to have it "play" the Lonely Mountain, where the dragon Smaug keeps his loot.


Jackson used Ngauruhoe for long shots of Mount Doom in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so perhaps he's being denied use by the Maori—who claim it as sacred ground—because he wanted to film on its slopes, which would be a much more invasive endeavor.

Luckily, if there's one thing New Zealand has, it's mountains.

(via New Zealand Herald and Reelz Channel)

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