Patrick Stewart reveals that his favorite scene was CUT from X-Men

As far as we're concerned, Patrick Stewart was the perfect Professor Xavier in the X-Men movie franchise. So imagine how we felt when we learned the actor's personal favorite moment as that character—and how we NEVER got to see it!

Speaking to the L.A. Times' Hero Complex during the Screen Actors Guild Awards' red carpet, Stewart talked (in what the journalist Geoff Boucher calls a half-serious tone) about a particular scene in one of the X-Men films (it's not revealed which) that he really practiced hard for, but that in the end never made the cut:

"I did three [as well as a limited appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine] and the best thing I ever did got cut out of one of them. I had to get Xavier's wheelchair into this elevator and it was just an inch wider than the chair. I worked on it and worked on it; I got to the point that I could zoom right — whoosh — and spin on that wheel and be facing the camera. It was brilliant. It was probably the best scene of my career. It didn't make it in."

Just how frakkin' great is Patrick Stewart? Nothing more to add, thank you.

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