Look who's the latest actress campaigning to play Wonder Woman

Another actress has thrown her hat into the ring for the chance to play Wonder Woman—and she's certain she would be great for the job.

31-year-old Lake Bell, who can currently be seen in the romantic comedy No Strings Attached, told E! Online, "On my lists of things to do in my life—I mean, I campaign for it—is, I just want to play a superhero at some point."

So what qualifies Bell to play one? "I got the guns! With superheroes you have to have this tickle of humor in there and you have to be a really great actor and also kick ass. And I'm fine with kicking a guy's ass."

Then Bell makes her pitch: "I'll be honest, I think I'd make a great Wonder Woman. So if anyone out there is listening ... "

Bell made her remarks at the Sundance Film Festival, where she is premiering a short film she wrote and directed, but we don't imagine she'll run into David E. Kelley up there. Kelley is developing a new Wonder Woman TV series for NBC, and has not given any hint yet as to whether he has someone in mind for the role.

We know that Jennifer Love Hewitt is dying to get the part, while pop diva and occasional actress Beyonce Knowles has also expressed interest. Eliza Dushku's name has popped up, along with that of supermodel-turned-actress Tanit Phoenix. The one that makes our heart flutter, however? Mad Men's insanely gorgeous and voluptuous Christina Hendricks.

Do you think Lake Bell has a shot? If not, then who should play Diana?

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