How District 9 director's new sci-fi film will be DIFFERENT

District 9 writer/director Neill Blomkamp is stirring up a lot of interest with his next film, which is titled Elysium. And there's already one notable way in which his second sci-fi outing will be quite different from his first.

According to Deadline, Blomkamp has snagged Jodie Foster to star in the film, marking the Oscar-winning actress' return to sci-fi 14 years after she starred in Contact. Foster joins Matt Damon in the picture, now making it two big stars who have signed on to work with the talented young filmmaker.

That's two more stars than District 9 had, which already makes this new movie a different experience from Blomkamp's feature debut. District 9 was cast with complete unknowns; in fact, leading man Sharlto Copley had never acted in a feature film before. (Copley, by the way, is getting a name now himself after District 9 and The A-Team and will reteam with Blomkamp on Elysium as well.)

Details about the three actors' roles and the story itself are all under wraps, except that it reportedly takes place in the far future. There's no word yet on when production will start, which is not surprising since the director and the producers are still shopping the project to the studios.

Do you think Blomkamp is drinking the studio Kool-Aid by getting Hollywood stars to appear in his next movie? Or is just a sign of how good he is that A-level actors now want to work with him?

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