Greatest fan-made lightsaber battle ever gets even BETTER sequel

Even though "Ryan vs. Dorkman" is considered a fan film, there's no doubt that it and its sequels were professionally made: In addition to filming force lightning, floating lightsabers and limb loss, Ryan and Dorkman hired a 57-piece orchestra to score the soundtrack.

Now the latest fan film, brought to you by Ryan, aka Ryan Wieber, along with his pal Brandon, multiplies the fun. Literally.

You'll have to see for yourself what we mean.

"Ryan vs. Dorkman" received attention for its intense, nonverbal light saber battle, and its sequel, "Ryan vs. Dorkman 2" was named #2 in Time magazine's top 10 best fan films of all time. "Ryan vs. Brandon" won's third Lightsaber Choreography Competition. (Thirteen other incredibly good lightsaber battles can be found here.) These fan films are so awesome that Wieber was offered a job with Lucasarts because of them.

Take a look and let us know if you think "Ryan vs. Brandon 2" is every bit as good as its prequels.

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