First look at Chris Evans in FULL Captain America garb!

Hot on the heels of our first look at Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, now we've got an eyeful for the first time of Chris Evans in his full Captain America outfit!

Soon after the Spider-Man photo made its way onto the intertubes, Ain't It Cool News got hold of a pic of Evans in his reds, whites and blues. The difference is that while the photo of Garfield is an official shot released by the studio, the photo of Evans is a scan of a photo from Entertainment Weekly that itself looks more like a candid on-set snap and less like something sanctioned by Marvel Studios.

Cap's outfit, by the way, is right in line with the design concepts we've seen before, making the costume more rugged and military-looking. And while his helmet does have wings, they're painted on the sides instead of actually attached.

So while we're not sure yet how Entertainment Weekly came up with this, it is our first really solid look at what to expect when Captain America: The First Avenger hits screens on July 22nd of this year—not to mention that today we've now seen two Marvel icons in their new (or rebooted) cinematic incarnations!

Which one looks cooler to you?

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