1st (somewhat blurry) look at the redesigned Thundercats

It might be a little blurry, given that it was snatched on the run at the London Toy Fair, but this is the first good look at what Cartoon Network has in mind for Lion-O and the refugees from Thundera.

If you'll recall, this new Thundercats series is set to premiere on Cartoon Network sometime later this year, but it's clear that the merchandising gravy train is pulling out of the station: An enterprising photographer grabbed this shot from the London Toy Fair, where the press and, more importantly, retail-store buyers, got their first look at what'll hit shelves and screens in a few months.

Judging by this image, two things are clear: There's no sign of the Thunderkittens, and Panthro's gonna be huge. What do you think?

(via Bleeding Cool)

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