Ford and Craig beat each other up in 1st Cowboys & Aliens clip

Are you ready to watch Harrison Ford channel his inner John Wayne? He—along with Daniel Craig, Adam Beach and a doe-eyed Olivia Wilde—all appear in this first clip from Jon Favreau's Cowboys & Aliens.

The clip doesn't show very much, but it alludes to a lot. Some type of creature makes its way through a building, ruffles a few feathers and is shot before making an escape. Adam Beach is there to pick up its trail, which is like nothing he's ever seen before.

Being the take-charge man's man that Harrison Ford is, his character wants to rally the troops and go after it. Unfortunately for him, Daniel Craig's not interested in joining the team.

The interaction between the two is borderline campy. Ford hits Craig; Craig pulls back and punches him in the face. This is where Ford stereotypically wipes off his chin in slow motion, while giving Craig the evil eye.

How many times have we seen that done in movies? It's so old-school we love it! We were waiting for someone to say "reckon" or "dagnabbit!" But since this is the first clip, there's still a chance they'll pop up somewhere in the movie.

Cowboys & Aliens opens in theaters on July 29. What do you think of the first clip?

(via Yahoo)

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