What if Terminator 2: Judgment Day had been written by Shakespeare?

An independent theater company in Nashville has taken the story of two robots from the future battling over the fate of a boy who could save tomorrow, and translated it entirely into Shakespearean verse, using the words of the Bard himself. Yea, verily, uncork the tale of Terminator the Second!

It sounds like a bit of theater nerd + nerd nerd madness, but to hear the organizers of Nashville's Husky Jackal Theater company tell it, Terminator the Second makes a whole lot of sense:

"You'd be amazed by how perfectly the themes so pervasive in Shakespeare's plays lend themselves to the story of the Terminator: horrific prophecies, charges of madness, the terror of an implacable enemy, the fierceness of a mother's love for her son. While it's loaded with outrageous action sequences, one-liners and comic moments (which we've worked hard to honor), Terminator 2 is a theme-driven film that invests heavily in its main characters. In our reworking, we were continually struck by extended passages from Shakespeare that seemed as though they could have been written specifically with these late 20th century characters in mind."

To that end, they reworked James Cameron's story using only passages from Shakespeare's various works and folios, changing only proper nouns and pronouns. To wit, check out the script sample below. While I'm nowhere near a Shakespearean scholar, to these tin ears, it sounds awesome.

Check out the Husky Jackal's Kickstarter page for more.

(Via The Mary Sue)

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