Stuntman reveals Mark Ruffalo might NOT be Hulk in The Avengers

A few months back, Mark Ruffalo announced that he'd be doing more than just playing Bruce Banner in The Avengers—he was going to portray the Hulk as well. But suddenly, we're not so sure.

Seems stuntman Brandon Molale went out on an audition yesterday that he couldn't resist telling us about on Twitter. Molale, who's appeared in more than 90 films and TV shows, tweeted:

My life: Just auditioned to play the Hulk (motion capture) in the new Avengers movie. Pretty damn cool job!

Will he get the job? Who knows? But whether he does or not, the tweet, if accurate, does indicate the production is looking for someone other than Ruffalo to be the Hulk in The Avengers. Of course, it might also mean the role could be split, with a stuntman taking on the more action-oriented motion-capture scenes, leaving Ruffalo to bring to life the Hulk in his kinder, gentler, less-Hulky moments.

What do YOU think it all means?

(via movieweb)

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