The geekiest, nerdiest, awesomest imaginary battle ever filmed

What happens when two videogame-loving dudes desperately want to beat each other to a pulp but can't find a weapon to do the deed? In this steeped-in-sweetness, occasionally profane, mildly NSFW short film, they make them out of thin air. Literally.

It's kind of amazing what you can accomplish with a pair of particularly limber actors, some decent image-processing software, and a sound-effects library. Who needs props when you've got pretend?

Near as I can tell, Ode to Action's director, James Chen, dropped references to Halo, Gears of War, Star Wars, Terminator 2 and Desperado ... but I may be missing a few. What did you hear that I didn't?

(via The High Definite)

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