What was 2010's most pirated TV show? (Guess what? Sci-fi wins!)

We know that your downloading of movies increased 33 percent since 2009. But how about your taste for television? Turns out that has leveled off. But luckily (or not, depending on your POV), sci-fi is still the clear winner.

TorrentFreak reports that although the two most popular downloads, Lost and Heroes, had fewer downloads than the previous year, Dexter makes up for the loss, with more downloads than actual viewers.

The other genre show on the list, The Big Bang Theory, has fewer downloads compared to its American viewership.

Lost 5,940,000 (American viewership: 13,570,000)

Heroes 5,480,000 (American viewership: 5,300,000)

Dexter 3,880,000 (American viewership: 2,540,000)

The Big Bang Theory 3,880,000 (American viewership: 16,310,000)

House 2,610,000 (American viewership: 14,210,000)

How I Met Your Mother 2,490,000 (American viewership: 10,520,000)

24 2,240,000 (American viewership: 11,500,000)

True Blood 1,920,000 (American viewership: 5,440,000)

Glee 1,700,000 (American viewership: 13,660,000)

Family Guy 1,620,000 (American viewership: 7,730,000)

So why pirate television when you can Tivo, Netflix or iTunes your way to digital satisfaction or even (gasp) watch it live? It turns out that many of these downloaders aren't in the United States, and because of licensing rights, they have no other access to their favorite entertainment.

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