Rumor of the Day: Glee star could be next big-screen Buffy

Glee star Heather Morris has impressed viewers with her spacey, deadpan expressions and ability to pull off lines like "This room looks like the room on that spaceship where I got probed." But is she the next Buffy Summers?

An unnamed associate of the Sandollar Production Company (which recently sold the rights to Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Warner Brothers) thinks so. The company says that Morris' name has been floated as a Potential (Get it? Fans of Buffy's season seven do) to play the blonde who attacks the vampires.

It makes sense. She doesn't just look the part of the Valley Girl superhero: She's a professional dancer, which makes her athletic enough to take on Buffy's moves.

Plus, as a "Cheerio" on Glee, she already has the cheerleading costume.

However, this Buffy isn't the Hemery High School arsonist or the former cheerleader coming to grips with her role as gatekeeper of the Hellmouth. Movieweb says:

In this new reboot, Buffy will no longer be in high school, but instead facing the same hardships that a lot of young college graduates have today in struggling to find a paying job and a healthy relationship. Though she plays a teenager on Glee, the 23 year-old-actress is actually the right age for this newly rebooted take on the character.

The reboot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer won't hit the silver screen until 2012. That's plenty of time to argue about casting decisions ... and ponder how many times we've used the word "reboot" in the last few weeks.

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