Green Hornet smackdown: Watch Cameron Diaz beat up Seth Rogen

What kind of superhero is the Green Hornet? Apparently, the kind that, even with help from his sidekick Kato, still manages to get beaten up by Cameron Diaz.

We certainly hope he shows more superhero mojo than that when The Green Hornet hits theaters Jan. 14, 2011, but until then, check out the action in this first clip from the Michel Gondry-directed movie.

And just in case you've forgotten what the heck The Green Hornet is all about, here's the official synopsis:

Rogen plays Britt Reid, a rich slacker who coasts on his father's fortune—that is, until his father suddenly dies. Then, with the help of his father's employee (Jay Chou), Britt decides to change his life and do something good for the world by fighting crime on the streets of LA. But in order to do so, Britt must become a criminal himself, and in doing so, catches the eye of Benjamin Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz), who wants the Green Hornet dead.

(via moviefone)

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