20 Marvel and DC superheroes reimagined steampunk-style

Looking for more information about the Union of Superlative Heroes—including Marquis Le Bat, Phineas Fleetfoot and Gentleman Mint? Then get your hands on this pack of trading cards.

Artist Chet Phillips has taken heroes like Iron Man, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man and transformed them into Flatiron Knight, Stupendous Miss and Arachno Kid, complete with Victorian-style illustrations and mini-histories.

Take Gentleman Mint, for example: "London-based scientist Robert Stevenson was a genius of invention. His trials with plasma-based fuel backfired horribly and altered his body into a massive muscle of iron. With his new power, green tint and the penchant towards furious bloodshed, he still complied with the Marquess of Queensbury Rules."

If you loved me, you'd put a pack of these cards in my stocking. I'm just saying.

(via The Daily What)

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