Brandon Routh still in the running for Zack Snyder's Superman

Did you like Brandon Routh as Superman? Turns out there's a chance you'll see him in the role again. According to director Zack Snyder, Routh is still in the running to don the Man of Steel's red cape as Superman once more—and it's all thanks to strong online buzz.

When yet another reboot of the movie was commissioned, Warner Brothers asked for an all-new cast following the poor box-office return of Bryan Singer's 2006 Superman Returns. So it was pretty clear that Routh was definitely out, right? Well, apparently not so anymore.

According to the British newspaper News of the World, a swell of online support for the 31-year-old actor has convinced Zack Snyder to give Routh another chance and that basically he WILL be considered again for the role.

In an interview, Snyder is quoted as saying about the Internet campaign to cast Routh in the new movie, "I know! I didn't realize there was such a groundswell!"

Ever since another Superman movie was announced, it has been debated whether Routh should return to the role that put him on the map. Some liked his performance in the movie—which strongly resembled that of the late Christopher Reeve—while others obviously didn't and would have preferred something new and different.

One thing is for sure: The overwhelming online support for the actor is certainly strong, and whether he'll get another chance in the role remains to be seen.

Would YOU give Routh another shot as the Man of Steel?

(Comic Book Movie via Den of Geek)

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