Stargate Universe sneak peek: Destiny's Bridge finally revealed!

After a whole Stargate Universe season spent on the Destiny without a bridge from which to control the Ancient ship, the ragtag crew FINALLY comes across the "almost mythical" room in the highly anticipated second season.

SGU executive producer and co-creator Brad Wright recently gave a set tour of the Vancouver-based series, during which he showed some of the show's principal sets. Included in the tour were the gate room, Eli's (David Blue) room, some hallways and various different rooms, plus the medical quarters. However, the most glorious part of the tour was getting to finally see the bridge, which was built for the new season.

Check it out in the pictures below, and take the set tour in the following video.

A Behind the Scenes Tour of STARGATE UNIVERSE with Producer Brad Wright; Plus the Destiny Bridge Set Revealed! from ColliderVideos on Vimeo.

So what do you think? Do you like the set design for the bridge?

(Video and pictures via Collider)

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