Scarlett Johansson to star in solo Black Widow flick? Yes, please!

Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige has confirmed they're in discussions to have Scarlett Johansson reprise her role as Natasha Romanoff for a stand-alone movie. Sexy ... or suspect?

Marvel announced a while back that they're planning on making films starring some of their B-list characters, and Internet wonks went bonkers trying to imagine who'd get the nod. Luke Cage? Shang-Chi? Man-Thing? Colleen Wing and Misty Knight? No, it looks like it's gonna be Black Widow.

"We've already started discussions with Scarlett about the idea of a solo movie and have begun putting together concepts," said Feige. "But The Avengers comes first."

I've gotta say, choosing Black Widow makes all kinds of sense. Plucking her from the Iron Man franchise, which has made more than $600 million domestically, means that you've got a character that people recognize, played by an actress with both style and substance. (And before you scoff at that "substance" bit, remember: This is the same woman who was in Lost in Translation, Match Point and Ghost World.) You put her in a gritty, Bourne-esque thriller that explores Natasha's past as a Russian agent and has her kicking lots of men in the face—or, hey, introduces Hydra—and it feels like a win-win scenario.

Unless, of course, Marvel gives it to a hack director who screws it up, Aeon Flux-style. So ... don't do that, Marvel.

(Via Coming Soon)

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