In lost interview, Serling reveals his favorite Twilight Zone eps

When a never-before-seen interview with Rod Serling was unearthed last month, among the things the Twilight Zone creator discussed were his two favorite episodes of the landmark show. Not surprisingly, one was an episode that makes everyone's list, and one is a slightly more offbeat choice:

The Invaders

"...One was an original by Dick Matheson called 'The Invaders,' with Agnes Moorehead, which was in a sense pure science fiction, with a very O. Henryish twist."


Time Enough at Last

"...And the other was an adaptation of mine, a very free, loose adaption of a Lucille Fletcher -- I think it was Lucille Fletcher, I could be wrong -- a short story called 'Time Enough at Last,' about a myopic bank teller who at the end of the world breaks his glasses just when he's able to read all that he's ever wanted to read."


And in case anyone was wondering, "Time Enough at Last" was actually written by Lynn Venable.

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