Rare prototype Nokia Star Trek communicator found on eBay

For people who've always wanted a cell phone that looked like a Classic Trek communicator, Nokia heard you—and built 14 prototypes before ignoring you. But one of them showed up on eBay, and it looks rad.

The communicator is one of Classic Star Trek's great bits of futurism—more than 30 years after the show was canceled, the flip cellular phone came into vogue, an invention clearly inspired by Gene Roddenberry's show. But no cell-phone manufacturer went that extra mile and created a phone that mimicked the classic Trek prop.

Until last year, that is, when Nokia—which had a product placement deal with Paramount for J.J. Abrams' Star Trek reboot—created 14 prototypes of a phone that would give Trek fans what they've wanted since the '60s. For some mysterious reason, Nokia shelved plans to put their "Starfleet Communicator" into production—but one of those prototypes popped up on eBay.

Judging by the video below—which lovingly unboxes the communicator—this is one of the rarest objets de geek out there. And the best Christmas gift ever.

(via engadget)

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