First (real) look at Captain America's new movie costume

More set photos from Captain America: The First Avenger just turned up, and these give us our first look at Cap's costume. We found them over on The Daily Mail, which tells us that this is a stunt double riding an Indian motorcycle.

American actor Chris Evans, who also starred in the Fantastic Four comic book films, is playing the title role in the film.

And today his stunt double was snapped in a leafy London location, dressed in full regalia, riding a US Army Indian motorcycle.

True to the original character, the costume comprised the colours of the American flag, complete with a huge star on the chest, helmet and cape.

There was also a magnificent Forties-style car on set, which was seen being driven through a woodland location, as well as some more futuristic looking motorcycles.

The film started shooting in June, when Tommy Lee Jones was confirmed as playing US Army Colonel Chester Phillips.

Other than the stunt costume, which looks, well, like a stunt costume, this looks really good to us. Those motorcycles, that car ... drool! Our interest in this film just spiked significantly.

Captain America Set1.jpg



Captain America Set4.jpg

Captain America Set3.jpg

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