Lost's Man in Black FINALLY gets a name. And that name is—

We've always known the name of Lost's good guy (well, supposed good guy) dressed all in white. That's Jacob. But the guy in black? We've been stuck calling him ... the Man in Black. And Lost's creators wanted it that way, to preserve the mystery. But now the secret of the smoke monster's name is finally confirmed, and that name is—

But before we let you know, we should tell you that the character already had a name. Sort of. Though it never appeared on the show itself, it was used on the casting call for the episode in which the character first appeared, "The Incident." But casting call sheets can include temporary names, and they aren't considered canonical.

But now tvovermind has uncovered confirming info of the Man in Black's true name, found on the back of actor Titus Welliver's chair, which is being sold at auction. And the Man in Black's name is ...

(Are you ready?)


Now you know.

So ... does that change anything?

(via slashfilm)

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