Lost's Damon Lindelof may write Ridley Scott's Alien prequel

Looks like Damon Lindelof's first major solo screenwriting gig, now that he's wrapped up the mysteries of Lost, will be to go back before one of sci-fi's greatest movie franchises even began—because he just closed a deal to work on the long-in-development Alien prequel, which 20th Century Fox hopes (and WE hope) Ridley Scott will direct.

On the other hand—once he completes that script, it might NOT be filmed as an Alien movie, Deadline reported.

Weird, huh?

Strangely, the plot Lindelof pitched to Scott and the studio could, once the script is finished, end up being a freestanding, non-franchise sci-fi film. No decision will be made until Lindelof turns it in.

However, since one of the reasons Lindelof wanted the assignment in the first place was because Scott's Alien was such a seminal influence on him, we're hoping that what starts with Aliens stays with Aliens.

How about you?

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