James Cameron made $350 million from Avatar. So far.

Wow ... once upon a time it was news when a science fiction movie made more than $300 million. Back in 1977 (before anyone even thought of calling it "Episode IV" or "A New Hope"), Star Wars making a measly $307 million was an earth-shaking event.

Now it looks like $350 million is what James Cameron is going to be carrying around in his genuine Yerik-hide wallet, thanks to Avatar. Even adjusting for decades' worth of inflation, it's daunting to think of Cameron taking home personally more smackers than Star Wars initially grossed.

According to Deadline, Cameron's personal haul will be the biggest ever for a director for a single film. DVD and Blu-ray sales are apparently what put Cameron's personal cut over the $350 million mark.

And with Avatar: Special Edition hitting screens at the end of August (with an additional eight minutes of footage not in the original cut of the film), who knows what his final take will be? The guy who discovers unobtainium itself won't stand to make as much take-home pay.

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