Gloria Steinem: Why did DC make Wonder Woman just like Superman?

Know who else isn't happy with Wonder Woman's new look? Gloria Steinem, the feminist icon who famously put the Amazonian on the cover of Ms. magazine back in 1972 with the tagline, "Wonder Woman for President."

But looking at Wonder Woman today, she no longer feels the same way. She says that the reboot has come from "what seems to be the brainstorming of a very limited group of brains," according to the Associated Press.

Of the costume itself, she said that it now "gives us the idea that only pants can be powerful—tell that to Greek warriors and Sumo wrestlers." She added that, "in fact, they're so tight that they've just painted her legs blue; hardly a cover-up."

It's the altered origin story that most bothers her, though. Rather than being raised on an island by her Amazon mother and sisters as per the background we all know, in the revised storyline, that island was destroyed when she was a baby, and she raised elsewhere.

"It's an exact copy of Superman who came as a baby from the exploding planet Krypton," Steinem said. "This destroys her home, her Amazon mother and sisters, and gives her no place to go to gain strength and create an inspiring storyline."

(via everydayislikewednesday)

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