Two more details about the upcoming 11-minute LOST epilogue

Remember Lost? There was all that buzz about a finale and then, as we told you last month ... it turns out it ain't over.

Michael Emerson stunned us all with news that when the complete series is released on DVD and Blu-ray, it will include an 11-minute epilogue focusing on Ben and Hurley as they continue to protect the Island during the the post-Jack era.

We still don't know whether purchasers of the season-six DVD and Blu-ray will be getting the short, or whether it will be exclusive to the Complete Collection set (both of which will be released on Aug. 24), but here are a couple of things we DO know, thanks to g4tv.

The title given to the cherry on top of the season finale is "The New Man in Charge." While we assume the series creators mean Hurley, who knows what they have in store for us? For all we know, Ben Linus will get to be top dog for a few of those 11 minutes.

Also, The New York Post's Jarett Wieselman—of whom we're VERY jealous right now—has actually seen the first of those 11 minutes and reported: "Let me tell you—the long wait is worth it!"

So tell us—is that 11-minute epilogue enough to make you rush out and buy yourself some Lost on Aug. 24?

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