FINALLY—details about Seth Green's Star Wars comedy

Back when we first heard about Lucasfilm's Star Wars comedy, we could do little more than laugh. But now Seth Green, walking the red carpet at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, finally let drop a few details about the project.

So here's what we know:

The series will contain computer-generated, rather than traditional, animation.

"It's gonna be CG animation," said Green. "It's gonna be really funny, and it's gonna be Star Wars in a way you've never seen it."

We'll see some familiar Star Wars faces mixed in with new characters.

"There are some recognizable characters," said Green. "But it's a huge universe, so we're really going where all the comedy is."

The timeline hasn't been finalized, but the series WON'T be set after Return of the Jedi.

"Timeline ..." said Green. "I don't think anybody is really talking about that yet. But it's not post-Jedi."

To hear Green tell you himself, check out Josh Horowitz's interview below.

So what do you think about the new Star Wars series now?

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