Shrek 4 is No. 1 at the box office, MacGruber bombs

Shrek Forever After, the first 3-D installment in DreamWorks Animation's franchise, topped the domestic box office with an estimated $71.3 million—which, as far as Hollywood was concerned, turned out to be a disappointing performance, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The two previous Shrek sequels each earned more than $100 million in their first three days.

"We opened below our expectations," DreamWorks Anne Globe said of the film, which had pre-opening estimates ranging from $80 million to $110 million.

Iron Man 2 came in second place in its third weekend, bringing in an additional $26.6 million for a total of $251.3 million. Third place went to Robin Hood, which dropped 48 percent from its opening to bring in $18.7 million for a total of $66.1 million.

MacGruber, spun off from a Saturday Night Live sketch character, imploded in sixth place with $4.1 million. So if you're hoping to see SNL's Debbie Downer on the big screen anytime soon ... maybe you should think again.

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