Secrets of the alternate U.S.A. from Fox's Fringe

(There are spoilers here, so don't read if you haven't watched Fringe yet!)

Last night's episode of Fox's Fringe—the first part of the season finale "Over There"—revealed the alternate universe in its full glory, and we were teased with its differences: zeppelins, Richard Nixon on a half-dollar coin, Martin Luther King Jr. on the $20 bill, The West Wing in its 11th season ... on Fox.

We were also treated to the alternate lives of our favorite characters, including alt-Olivia (Anna Torv), who had red hair, a tattoo and a boyfriend; and Walternate (John Noble), who appears to be the secretary of defense of the United States, working out of Liberty Island in New York.

But what about that map of the alternate United States we glimpse in his office?

The image below offered us only a glimpse of the dramatically different reality, but we got a good hard look at it when we visited the show's set in Vancouver, Canada, in March. (Click on the image below for a larger version)


Here's what we saw:

♦California has clearly suffered a major catastrophe; half of it is gone, presumably underwater.

♦The state of Washington is called "Southern British Columbia." (A wink to the crew of Fringe, which is shot in Canada's British Columbia?)

♦Nevada is called "Independent Nevada."

♦Texas is divided into two states: North Texas and South Texas.

♦Oklahoma and Kansas are combined into a large state called "Midland."

♦North and South Carolina are combined into a single state called simply "Carolina."

♦Louisiana is called "Louisiana Territory."

♦The area around Washington, D.C., is called "District of Virginia" instead.

♦The upper peninsula of Michigan doesn't exist.

The map designates red "quarantine areas" and blue "incident areas," presumably either places that have been cleared of all life or areas of unusual "Pattern"-related activity. The biggest red quarantine areas are in Delaware, eastern New York and southern Maine.

How cool is that?

Tune in next Thursday for the final chapter of "Over There" at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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