Rare 1979 Alien pics reveal greatest theater display EVER

I wasn't lucky enough to have lived in L.A. in 1979 to see Alien during its opening weekend at the Egyptian Theater, but I just learned that if I had, I'd have been able to touch the actual "space jockey" from the film as part of what has to have been the greatest theater display ever.

Stoker Award-winning horror writer Lisa Morton was there and recently shared the photos she took of the amazing exhibit.

According to Morton, to enter the theater, you first passed a row of alien eggs, then had to walk through an actual corridor from the Nostromo (above), after which you'd come face to face with H. R. Giger's original, full-size alien "space jockey" (below).

Amazingly, as Morton notes, "It wasn't even roped off or guarded."

If they ever get that time machine perfected, I know where I'm headed!

For more photos from the 1979 premiere, check out Lisa Morton's blog.

Sadly, Morton reports that:

The "Space Jockey" was gone by Tuesday. One story I heard was that it fell victim to an arsonist in the early hours of Tuesday morning. I'd like to think that wasn't true, but that glorious sculpture has never been seen again, so sadly I believe that story may be factual.

Any sci-fi detectives out there know for sure?

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