Latest scary Twilight trend—Bella now top baby name

The singles scene a decade or so from now is going to end up like something ripped from the pages of one of Stephenie Meyer's novels, according to information released today by the Social Security Administration. It turns out that Twilight-related names are at the top of the lists for most popular boy and girl baby names.

Jacob is the most popular baby name for boys, continuing an 11-year run at the top, so Meyer can't claim credit for that, but for the first time, Isabella —as in Isabella Marie "Bella" Swan, the star of the Twilight series—is the new top baby name for girls.

If you're on the Edward side of the Team Edward/Team Jacob wars, however, we've got bad news for you. Though Cullen took the biggest leap among boys' names, moving up 297 spots to No. 485, Edward jumped up only 11 spots, to No. 137 on the list.

So as far as baby names are concerned—Team Jacob wins!

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