It's over—Ghost Whisperer is now really truly dead

Poor Ghost Whisperer! Not only did CBS cancel what was often Friday night's top-rated series last week, but ABC decided not to give it a shot either. In fact, things have gotten so bad for Jennifer Love Hewitt's veteran series that CBS has decided to can the summer reruns and move the renewed Medium and its reruns into the 8/7C p.m. slot for the summer months.

The show's executive producers Ian Sander and Kim Moses released the following statement: "After five wonderful seasons and over 100 episodes, we are disappointed to announce Ghost Whisperer will not be returning for a sixth season. We've had an incredible experience and owe a debt of gratitude to everyone involved. We continue our relationship with ABC Studios and look forward to developing many more successful projects together in the future."

ABC had an option on Ghost Whisperer because the series is co-owned by ABC Studios and CBS.

Are you going to miss Ghost Whisperer?

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