See Leonard Nimoy visit the real Vulcan!

Leonard Nimoy—Spock in the original Star Trek and Spock Prime in last year's reboot movie—was the guest of honor at the christening of Vulcan, Alberta, Canada, as the official Trek capital last Friday; see pics below.

The first image shows Nimoy admiring the bronze bust of himself as Mr. Spock by sculptor Nathan Scott in the Canadian hamlet. The second shows Nimoy leaving behind his iconic "live long and prosper" handprint. (Photos are by Glacier Valley Photography.)

Nimoy also presented the town with two special souvenirs: the Spock ears that he wore during the filming of the original Star Trek TV series and a lithograph of the original Trek cast, autographed by all of the original cast members, which will go on display for the next year.

Click on the images below for larger versions.

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