Kill all humans! New Futurama is coming in June!

Good news, everyone!

If you're like us, you watch every rerun of Futurama on Comedy Central no matter how many times you've seen it before, though we have to say we're getting a little tired of the one on Mars with the Buggalos.

So that's why it's so nice to hear that new episodes of the sci-fi animated show will arrive on Comedy Central in June, HitFix reports:

Comedy Central sources confirm to HitFix that Thursday, June 24, at 10:00 p.m. is currently set to be the premiere of the first new half-hour episode of "Futurama" since 2003.
We're also pleased to report that the entire voice cast will be back, though there was some concern a while back that Fox was going to replace them with cheaper knockoffs or possibly robots. If they had done that, they could kiss our shiny metal asses. :)

So ... will you be tuning in??

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