Cameron's Fantastic Voyage script is done, who will direct?

James Cameron said that the script for his proposed remake of the classic 1960s medical sci-fi movie Fantastic Voyage is done and he is now looking for someone to direct.

"Fantastic Voyage, we're looking for a director," Cameron said in a group interview Sunday in Century City, Calif., at the Visual Effects Society Awards. "Haven't set one yet." (Writers who have had a hand in drafting the script include Shane Salerno and Cormac and Marianne Wibberley.)

Cameron will produce the new Fantastic Voyage, based on the 1966 sci-fi movie that starred Raquel Welch, about a team of scientists in a miniaturized submarine who navigate a human body to zap an inoperable blood clot.

Cameron said that he has updated the original, thanks to new medical information available. "Look, medical imaging has come an awful long way since the '60s, when the first film was made," Cameron said. "So we can do some pretty amazing stuff."

As for his future projects, Cameron remained coy. They include Battle Angel Alita, a futuristic samurai movie and a sequel to Avatar. "Oh, look, I love science fiction," Cameron said. "I've got a number of science fiction projects."

Then there's still the home video release of Avatar to work on. When it's finally finished raking in the dough in theaters, Cameron hopes the full 3-D version will be available on Blu-ray. "For Avatar, it'll be coming to the home in 3-D for anyone that buys a 3-D-enabled monitor, which are on the market now," Cameron said. "Samsung's got it right now, and the other big companies are coming out over the next few months."

The home-video release is planned for November. "Well, we're talking about it," he said of a 3-D home version. "We haven't made any final decisions yet, but we've certainly seen what the Avatar Blu-ray 3-D looks like on these new monitors. You want to buy a big one."

Cameron won the VES Lifetime Achievement Award. The VES Awards airs March 5 at 10 p.m. on Reelz Channel.

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